Deviant Sects

Aulia’s are humble followers of Prophet Mohammed (صلى الله عليه وسلم). So low before the Prophet how great would they be. One wonders why some people hesitate very much to pay due respect to these great personality, spiritually perfect and enlightened ones – the Saints. Such people have a strong feeling that to visit the shrine of a Saint tantamount of a sin of “Shirk”.

According to their belief, the Prophets and Saints who have been laid to the rest has gone forever and nothing can be achieved from them. Even their bodies have been eaten up leaving no trace behind the grave (Maazallah).Further they have in their minds as to why should they seek any assistance or fulfillment of their desires from them or from anyone else even they have enough of faith on Allah who the giver of Rizq (food), cure (shifa), Ilm (knowledge).

Few example and conversation will convince them for change in their approach. To visit the ‘Aulia’s’ (saints), to go to their ‘Mazars’ (Dargah, Tomb, Shrines), or to kiss their hand, feet, or their ‘Chaddar’ (a cloak with religious scriptures which is used to cover the grave) or to  request them for grant of wishes (Murad) or to seek their help to solve ones problems does not amount to Shirk or Bidat. Remember that Saints are alive and alert and have innumerable powers bestowed to them to them by the Grace of Allah even though laid to rest.

Similarly, a little bit of more explanation will make people overcome the gross misunderstanding in their minds who are allergic in matter of Shirk and Bidat.

Let us start with the following questions:-

a) Is it a Shirk to kiss “Ghilaf”, the outward covering of Kaaba Sharif?

b) Is it a Shirk to kiss “Hajra e Aswad”, a stone of Kaaba Sharif?

c) Is it a Shirk to kiss the Holy Quran, the book of Allah?

Now refer A) “Ghilaf of Kaaba is kissed by the visitors performing Tawaf.”

Tears are visible in their eyes when they touch the Ghilaf, their lips utter prayers, their hearts throb with emotion, through each one known that the “Ghilaf” is made of material prepared by human hands and it costs thousand of Riyals. The cost of the material has absolutely no worth before them but real philosophy behind all these kissing’s is the Holy place covered with Ghilaf, through Kaaba itself is built of stone and materials.

Now refer B) “Hajra e Aswad”, a stone of Kaaba Sharif and is kissed by the visitors performing Tawaf.” Here is saying of Hazrat Umar (r.a.u.) is worth quotation. Addressing the “Hajra e Aswad”, He said “O! Hajra e Aswad”, I know thy worth is no more than a piece of stone but since the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) kissed thee it becomes binding on me to follow in his foot “steps”. It has to be kissed either by lips or by hands in case of rush.

Now refer C) “HOLY QURAN” is printed on a piece of paper and has it outer thick cover which looks like a book but is kissed by the deepest reverence and emotion for very fact that right inside is the revelation from Allah. People don’t kiss Novels and story books, through they are made of same material.

Well to a person who have no inside knowledge of the meaning of these kissing’s would think that all these kissing’s are a ridiculous ceremony, but to a person with sight all such kissing’s is a matter of love, sentiment, respect and honor. It is thus proved beyond doubt that such kisses do not fall in the category of Shirk or Bidah in any manner.

Regarding request, appeal, Wishes, or desires to be granted by Saints also cannot be rightly termed as “Shirk or Bidat” for the very reason that people do request their friends relatives, parents, their bosses, government official and higher up pleading for help. Does the convicted person not file Mercy Petition to the Head of the State to save his life? Though life and death is in hands of Allah? Allah is the prime source, the acts of Aulias – the enlightened Saints, are nothing but the attributes of Allah channeled through them.