The Month of Ghaus-ul-Azam Dastagir

If Rabi-ul-Awwal is the month of the greatest Prophet of Allah then Rabi-us-Sani, is the month of the greatest Saint of Allah. If the Prophet drew the veil on this world to meet his Creator on the 12th of the month, the Saint departed on the 11th of the next month, as if as a mark of distinction from the Almighty Himself. The name of this greatest of the great Saints is Hazrat Syed Shah Abu Mohammad Muhyuddin Abdul Quader Jilani Al-Hassani wal Hussaini ShaenenLillah (Alaihis Salam). Many are the honoured titles of this great saint, Muhyiuddin (the Reviver of the Faith), Peer-an-e-Peer (the Spiritual Teacher of Spiritual Teachers), Mahbub-e-Subhani (the Beloved of the Supreme), Ghaus-us-Sakalaen (the Ghaus of both worlds), and Kutb-e-Rabbani (the Cardinal Star of the Lord) and many others, but the most well known and respected being Ghaus-ul-Azam (the Supreme Spiritual Helper. It is told that ‘his feet is on the shoulder of all Saints of Allah’.
Today, a concept known as Wahabism pervades many aspects of Islamic life. This concept holds that man can connect directly with his Creator with no need for intercession. This is a product of modern day arrogance coupled with the obsession with rationality that originates from Descartes’ statement, ‘I think, so I am’. Today, man wants to understand the Creator and His creation through arrogance and reasoning and not through submission to His Will. Profound Ayats of the Quran are unwisely interpreted as license to approach the Creator directly thereby falling into the abyss of self-conceit and foolhardiness. And this is the reason of his spiritual emptiness.It is a pity that now-a-days we practice Islam in its outward form but we stray far away from its true purpose and its true beauty. If love is the best and final magic of the Creator then what enchanting love the Saints can lead us to ! Oh, what sense of perfection that one can achieve if one receives the true touch of faith through the Saints. One micro-second moment of glory from the Glory of the Almighty can make a man mad in spiritual ecstasy for the rest of his life. He can achieve success in both worlds, here on this earth, and in the hereafter. This can only be achieved through the intercession of the spiritual Sufi Master, through accomplished Saints, and, definitely, even today, through Ghaus-ul-Azam, who is living, albeit behind the curtain and can be approached through the humble heart. Saints go through various stations in their journey towards union with the Almighty. These stations are known as wilayets, or territories or temporary resting places. The station of a Saint depends on his wilayet and the one of Ghaus-ul-Azam is the highest that can be achieved. 
Ghaus-ul-Azam drew the veil over himself on 11th Rabi-us-Sani in 561 H (1166 AD) at the age of 91. His Mazar Sharif is in Baghdad, which is even today the place of adoration for his disciples, lovers and followers all over the world. It is looked after by his direct descendants who are a source of inspiration and affection to all who visit the great Mazar Sharif there In the Subcontient, the Qadria Tariqa is being carried on by the direct descendants of Ghaus-ul-Azam. There are Khanqas where Giyarawee Sharif is held on the 11th day of each Arabic month. In Sufi philosophy, it is said that it is possible to light one candle from another candle, and once the candles are lit it is impossible to tell one from the other. May the blessings of Ghaus Pak and his descendent Peers be upon all Believers.

Few important Recitations of Gyarweeh Sharif: